4 Comments on “Gas Station Apocalypse”

  1. DanaT
    this is my # 1 pet peeve! I get so impatient with people who leave their cars at the pump, only to stroll in to the store and do their shopping for the week! Aw heck, just ran in to the neighbor, too - how are the kids? Go move your car already! I enjoyed your post!
  2. joepotts
    Thank you, Dana! Yes, it's very frustrating. These people seem to be in their own little world. Too bad we can't send them to their own little world - Mars, maybe?
  3. Nancy Clark
    I'm in stitches and in tears, Joe...stitches, because you painted a common scene that really isn't hilarious, until one sees it through your lenses; tears, because I know this is going to happen to me at the pumps again and again and again, just as it happened in Wally's World's EXPRESS LINE (20 or less items) yesterday. The darling gal before me had 112 items. Perhaps they didn't teach math in her school..

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