4 Comments on “Going Batty for Baseball”

  1. Michele Jones
    As a child, I used to sit on my grandparents porch and listen to Bob Prince call the Pirate game on the radio with my Grandpap. My Grandpap was a big Pirate Fan, and he loved listening to the game with his grandchildren and tell us stories about the game. We may have even heard a cheer, or a curse or two.
  2. joepotts
    Thanks for sharing, Michele. I have great memories of my Pap-Pap showing me how to throw a curveball. And I loved listening to Bob Prince!
  3. Little Zone
    The JoeZone speaks from experience, not regret- the former being the best podium from which to speak! I have memories of feeling the evening breeze come through the screen door as I watched the Pirates with my dad, and hearing him bellow "the Miiiiiighty Buccos!!!" through the house while swinging an imaginary bat. And of course, all the backyard whiffle ball lessons a four year old girl could hope for!!! Thanks, Dad!! ~Little Zone

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