6 Comments on “Joe-Pourri: Pope Francis Rumored to be in U.S.”

  1. Ed Wirth
    I for one, believe that this guy parading around as the pope is actually Yogi Berra. They look an awful lot alike in my opinion. Coincidence? I think not. Please don't leak this to FOX news or to the Donald. And now it is rumored that Jennifer Lawrence had dyed her hair. I simply don't know what to believe anymore!!
  2. Nancy Clark
    Your powers of observation - even through the Potts haze - continue to inform and amaze. I trust your reporting high and above all local, national, international, social media and backyard fence exchanges. Any printable opinion on the upcoming election, Joe? Keep it clean, now.
  3. joepotts
    Yes, Nancy, I make all those other news sources obsolete. As for politics, I occasionally point out what doofuses we have in Congress, but that barely qualifies as reporting these days. However, I don't think I'll be able to resist weighing in on the candidates - they just make it so easy.

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