6 Comments on “Putting the “Awe” in Colonoscopy”

  1. Little Zone
    So, in addition to getting screened for colon cancer, you are telling me that I would get a nap, juice that I didn't pour myself, and a valid excuse for fuzzy brain syndrome? As the mother of 3 young kids, sign me up! Thanks for the info!!! I get all my news at the JoeZone and you should too!!
  2. Karla Telega
    The only downside to a colonoscopy is that they don't make you completely evacuate your bowels before you step on the 747 to visit your Great Aunt in Boise, Idaho. At Bowel-a-Rama they insist on this procedure, which still may be preferable to Aunt Daisy's broccoli pie.
  3. MikeD
    Nicely done. And it brings back fond memories. Apparently it's a right of passage (there's a pun there somewhere) to write a blog post about the event when it happens. Because, why not? Here's mine, along with a link to the post by the great Dave Barry.... http://2littlegirls.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-got-colonoscopy-because-i-was-short.html
  4. Little Zone
    Never say that the JZ doesn't touch young lives. Even though I read this to them months ago, Little GrandZones 1 and 2 (think Thing 1 and Thing 2) were so inspired by the JZ that I overheard them earlier this week deciding that "Mr. Bun needs a colonoscopy" (Mr. Bun being a stuffed animal). And may I say that I'm almost certain that I saw the impossible- a look of enormous gratitude on the face of Mr. Bun when I assured Little GrandZones 1 and 2 that stuffed animals don't need colonoscopies.

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